Choosing Incontinence Products

Incontinence is quite a common condition and not necessarily associated with aging. It may overwhelm young people, too. Therefore, managing it is an important issue.

Incontinence can range from being just a dribble to an involuntary loss of large amounts of urine. Those suffering from stress incontinence may experience minor leakage following a sneeze, cough, laugh or exercise. But there are those others who have no control over their bladder for various physical and mental reasons and they can experience voluminous flow.

Wide selection of Incontinence Supplies

For some, incontinence is just a temporary issue, for others, it is a long-term one. For some, the problem is mild in nature, for others it is quite severe and a full-time one. But this condition can be handled quite effectively with the incontinence products existing in the market. However, it can be quite a confusing situation when you are trying to determine which is your product from the countless available - ranging from incontinence pads, liners to briefs and adult diapers.

When selecting one, keep in mind the type of incontinence, the size most comfortable for you, your lifestyle and the product which works best for your skin.

How to choose the Right Incontinence Product?

Look at the products in the market. Check out the online stores that offer you incontinence products and narrow down to your favorite shop. Now that you have done that, break down the products as per your requirement. You have before your style,absorbency,size,usage, material, specialty groups, manufacturers/brands, and attributes.

Choosing Incontinence Product Style

A huge selection of protective underwearbriefs and diapers, pads, pants, and shields awaits you. There are unisex comfort pants, belted shields, washable pants with a protective pouch, boxer shorts, snap and knit pants and much more.


How to choose Best Absorbency Product?

What is the level of protection you are looking for? The absorbency rate of pads and briefs meets every need and can range from light to extra heavy. You can pick from super plus, heavy absorbency, moderate absorbency and overnight.

Adult Incontinence Product - Know your Size

This is an important point to consider because if you are not wearing the right size, there are chances you will experience leaking and accidents. And this fear will always be at the back of your mind, making you feel uneasy all the time. There are various sizes available – from small to bariatric and including standard, large, medium, X-large, XX-Large, XXX-Large, XXXX-Large and more. Different manufacturers will have varying combinations available so one good, extensive study is all you require. Once the style is finalized, check out the sizes available in that particular category.

Usage of Incontinence Product

How do you plan to use your incontinence product? Would you rather get a disposable one or prefer reusing it? Well, you have a choice here, too.

Incontinence Product Materials

You have all kinds available - cotton, nylon, polymer, polyester, lycra, and spandex.

Buy Incontinence Products by Gender

Many prefer clothing which is gender specific, others do not mind unisex style. In incontinence supplies too, you will get all types - men, women, unisex, adult, youth. Some manufacturers have taken care to provide protection in areas where each gender needs it most. And a few ensure the product matches the contour of the person using it.

Choose by Manufacturers/Brands

A lot of people like to pick their favorite manufacturer or brand and adopt them. A sense of reliability or dependability is perhaps the reason for this. Incontinence does have a big impact on your social life and so there is a tendency to hold on to anything and everything that will give you complete security.

Choose by Attributes

Generally, the issue of odor control is handled effectively by all makers using varying technologies but you can also pick specific products which shout out 'odor control'. And if you are allergic to latex, you make sure you get the latex free ones.

So, once you have these pointers all worked out as far as incontinence goes, you are on your way to being the socially active person you always were!

All You Need To Know About Incontinence Products


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